EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West Is Not A Smooth Criminal



Some guys just like a certain flavor. Kanye West has always been a Kim Kardashian fan. For some strange reason, when he allegedly cheats on Kim Kardashian he always allegedly bangs girls who look like Kim Kardashian. Maybe he thinks it doesn’t count if they taste like Kim K…who knows?

According to TheDirty, a submission came in adding to the Kanye West syndrome:

“Nik, okay, so I was in Miami a few weeks ago staying in The Dream Hotel and I swear I saw Kanye West with who at first I thought was Kim, until I got a little closer. It was definitely not Kim…resembled her, but not Kim. They then both disappeared into the elevator, he looked like he was trying to keep a low profile, wearing sunglasses. I had to find out who this girl was. She looked so familiar. I’m almost 100% sure this is her…found her Instagram. It’s Gabriella Amore; Kanye West definitely has a type!”



Now technically this doesn’t mean anything. Just because Kanye West got into an elevator with Gabriella doesn’t mean they had Ray J sex. It could have been bad timing on Kanye’s part. So to clear his name from this wrongdoing TabRag reached out to the submitter of TheDirty post to get better clarification. It didn’t get better for Kanye West.

“Listen, I’m almost 100% about the girl, and this is why: after the whole Kanye situation I was so shocked I had to run and tell my boys. Listen to this crazy shit…the info I got from them is supposedly this is the girl that was in Kanye’s alleged sex tape. People are saying she was bragging about having some video on her phone with her and Kanye, and she’s waiting till him and Kim tie the knot to leak it so she can get big money. I was in South Beach late December/early January so I’m gonna say it was either Jan. 5th or 4th that I spotted them.”

So now you can be the judge. I get the feeling Kanye West is going to read this and do some behind the scenes Ray Donovan type shit. Either way, until this video sees daylight, it never happened.


  1. gma

    He makes me sick and so does Kim K. I hope the video leaks and the both of them are knocked off their pedestal. Or even better, at one of his concerts or something to that extent, they grab the microphone from him and start talking about what a douche bag him and Kim are, lol. That would be so awesome.

  2. GG

    Celeb cheating stories are like conspiracy theories. If you don’t have the proof, stfu and sit down.

  3. I believe It

    She does have a boyfriend and I know they are always on and off for reasons unknown.. but that does make sense. 

  4. LOL!!

    Ray Donovan! HAHAHAHA! Awesome. I can’t wait for season 2.

  5. anon

    That is a self post nik

  6. WreckItRalph

    Not that I’m a fan of Kim Kardashian or anything, but Kim is much better looking than this girl. This girl looks like Kim Kardashian if she had DS.

  7. Essie

    Nik isn’t going to purchase the tape so why would the girl call you back? There is no incentive. If you want the proof put your money where your mouth is. 

  8. Yeezys #1 Desciple

    As the lyrics in Kanye West’s Song “Send It Up” are interpreted by myself, I always thought it was code language for hookers or mollys coming to the hotel. Like baby I’m famous, figure out where room 803 is ::cocky laugh:: So then your boy should be like, in the lobby, saying:
    “We can send this bitch up, it (he) can’t go down”

  9. Stefani

    I thought he was supposed to be gay or bi? Wouldn’t he be cheating with a guy? 

  10. the real

    kanye loves men though

    • FleurLav

      He’s got his boyfriend Tischi in Paris, I think this is just b.s. trying to make him look like a pu$$y hound. probably Kris Jenner made it up.

  11. gma

    That whole crew is a bunch of sick people, in my opinion.

  12. J

    This is such a crock of shit!!  Did this girl really search all of instagram to try and find pics/the account of some girl she doesn’t even know?  Did she do a search for ‘girls who look like Kim K’?  LMAO what are the chances!

    Now I don’t doubt that Kanye cheats on Kim and she knows it and doesn’t give a fuck as long as he spends $$$$$$$$ on her, but this ‘story’ smells like bullshit.  I wouldn’t be surprised if This Gabriella Amore chick is the one who sent this in, just to get her face out there in hopes of actual and legitimate media outlets pick up on her story…

  13. Carissa

    Kanye has bad taste, that girl is beat. 

  14. Shitrag

    Pathetic nik. You are a lowlife. Trying to ruin a marriage to make your pathetic site work. U cant afford the video even if it existed. Hope u cry like a bitch the day the lama leaves your broke ass 

    • Nik

      They aren’t married. Kim doesn’t know how to be married.- nik

    • Anon

      You sound jealous and psychotic @shitrag.

       Nik’s site(s) is always BANG ON with the celeb cheating stories. DEAL WITH IT!!

    • B

      It’s not Nik’s fault Kanye cheated on Kim.. He isn’t ruining anything. Hopefully this shit puts an end to the disgustingly annoying pimple on the ass of the world that is Kim-Ye.

    • Mia

      I’m sure your words deeply hurt him. He’s gonna go cry in his mansion now, with his hot ass wife and beautiful daughter.

      • Shitrag

        Lol at nik in a mansion. Guys a broke loser. So pathetic he posts under fake names to stick up for himself. The guys such a bum he is jealous of trouts who can afford to spoil women. Mansion. Lol. Funniest comment of 2014

        • Nik

          I’m a bum, but you go to both my websites? Weird how that works.- nik

          • Shit rag

            So what . I also go to bathrooms to shit. The only difference is the fixtures are white. You are just a dirtbag who wishes he could shine. You don’t gave a mansion. And you certainly are not “rich”. You are just a coward bitch. Exposed only because you were so stupid you told the cop you worked for the dirty. You are not a celebrity. You are a nobody.

          • Nik

            Thanks for coming back. When did I ever say I lived in a mansion or that I was rich? Also, show me where I told a cop I worked for TheDirty? And when did I ever say I was a celeb? You have this picture in your mind shitrag that isn’t reality. All good though.- nik

    • Megan

      I think it is hilarious when someone says something about Nik trying to make “this pathetic site work”… well hunny, I’m sorry but you are the one on it…and commenting on it…and that’s helping it work. Idiot.

  15. jill

    I love you nik

  16. who cares

    I could go the rest of my life not caring, but I’m pissed at the 34 seconds I’ll never get back from reading that shi smh

  17. Greta

    I don’t put anything past him! Kim K will never stay married. She is too spoiled! Nick why can’t the Ks stay away from the purple crayon?

  18. haha

    This girl has self posted on the dirty before. She had her friend do it. That’s how models get more Instagram followers and more traffic. She wants to be seen. I’m not denying Kanye has a jump off but it’s not gonna be in plain view in Miami. That’s why there are no pics. It’s bs. This girl isn’t slick she stays trying to be seen. Kim wannabe go get your abortion and hop off.

  19. Mike

    Planet of the ape & a complete sewer hole like Kim K

  20. MD

    Hey just curious to know, where is your sources because i know her. Email me back please

  21. HollyHollywood

    If you’re counting..this is the third girl since Kanye hooked up with Kim (officially) claiming a hook-up. It’s never an affair, just a hook-up.  It’s beginning to sound like a serious pattern to me… from the looks of all of the chicks making these (*cough*) false claims, Kanye has a “type.”

     Kanye, published a picture via Twitter, of the naked chick with a big butt and tiny waist. Right after Kim and Kanye came out publicly.   Everyone thought it was Kim, in Kim’s dreams.   Then we have the chick he was messing around with, right before Kim have birth to Ig-Nori. It’s common knowledge Kim is Kanye’s main squeeze, but Kanye will always have his jump off’s.  What is curious, is right after these “Kim look-a-likes” hang around with Kanye..a story pop’s up about a hook-up.  Funny how each woman has proven they were in the same proximity of Kanye when said “hook-up’s” occurred.

    Then they sort of disappear after they’re settled with, or paid off..Khloe Kardashian wrote the book on how to pay off women to keep quiet when she was with Lam Lam.  Khloe learned this tactic from the Master herself, Kris Jenner.

     ”Where there is smoke, there is fire.”

    Kim Kardashian was so sure of the “hook-up’s”.  She left her newborn child as she made certain, she didn’t miss a single concert of Kanye’s when he toured last. Talk about insecurity! She can claim it was to support her partner.  Seriously, this baby was supposed to be born premature and she left it every night to go listen to the same music? I’m not buying it. There is much more going on here than support. Kanye spent nearly 8 months of Kim’s pregnancy in Paris. What does that say about his “Perfect bitch?”  I think Kanye. is in love with an idea, of being in love with a perfectly messed up bitch, that he wants to mold into his perfect bitch.  You can’t make a housewife out of a HO! Kanye, silly fool.. 

    I’m not expecting this marriage to make it “IF” it even happens.  I feel the Kardashian’s are already feeding the rag mag’s negative stories about Kim, to set the 2 or 3 fan’s they have left, up for the big break-up coming in May, June or July.  Notice the sudden barrage of sad pictures we’re being force fed on a daily basis? Please!

    These two are so damn narcissistic I could not imagine being in the same room with them talking about themselves, to themselves. I hear it’s a real bore to listen to all of the “I” statements.

    Can you imagine the songs Kanye will make when this nightmare relationship is OVER with? OUCH! Seriously, his music seriously sucks! now that he’s with the “self indulgent, insecure little puppet Kim.” (make them go away) Walter White style..

    I agree with Nik, he’s knows Kim’s history. I also believe Nik’s ability to trust a source.
    Furthermore, Nik is one of the most down to earth, “REAL” people you’ll ever meet.



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