David Gandy Is GQ

I’m not trying to go all homosexual on you, but David Gandy in my opinion is the best looking dude on the planet. David if you want to make FU money…start selling your sperm. Hopefully ...

Cara Delevingne Is Fake Weird

You know that person who pretends to be weird because he/she wants you to think they are different and interesting…when really they are dying inside and love missionary position. That is totally Cara Delevingne. Her ...
Kanye West

Kimye Is A True Union

From Philly to London. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian leave Claridges. The people in Europe think Kim Kardashian is our Princess Diana. She is friends with all the top designers — that is her excuse ...
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Andy Says Go — When The Game Stands Tall

When the Game Stands Tall is not the best football movie to be released one week before opening day. Notable television director Thomas Carter puts forth his second attempt at telling us a story about a ...

Everyone Wants Jennifer Aniston To Have A Baby

Couples Therapy Reunion With Dr. Jenn On VH1

Goodbye Chelsea Handler

I Don’t Heart Nick Carter

Ryan Lochte Cake at the D Las Vegas

Happy Birthday Ryan Lochte

Jeah man Ryan Lochte celebrated his birthday at the D Las Vegas where 200 women sang happy birthday to him while on stage with Men of The Strip. Ryan was surprised at dinner in Andiamo Italian ...
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Anna Wintour Is The Real Deal

I had no idea Anna Wintour was such a huge tennis fan. Here she is by herself at the 2014 US Open Tennis Championships. I love it. Who needs fashion when you have sports. Side ...

Do You Know Who Judy Greer Is

Who Rock’d It Best — Daisy Duke Denim Shorts

Kim Kardashian Has Birthing Hips At GQ Awards

So a doctor friend of mine (in Scottsdale) who is friends with another doctor in Beverly Hills told me that Kim Kardashian is getting hip fat injections and she routinely has been visiting his Doctor ...

David Gandy Is GQ

Cara Delevingne Is Fake Weird