Kate Walsh

Those Legs Are Fire

Kate Walsh showing off her long legs in a tiny frayed black denim shorts and ankle boots as she goes shopping at skin experts ‘Kate Somerville’ on Melrose Place. Kate I hate to break it ...
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Another National Anthem Debacle

Ever notice how we only hear about the National Anthem in the news when someone screws it up? Well, it happened again. Before game 5 of the World Series, Stained vocalist Aaron Lewis transposed a ...

Vanessa Please!

Remember The Good Old Days — Lindsay Lohan Gets Flour ...

Dan Cortese Became Relevant Again Last Night

Mike Tyson Gets His Own Show

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The New Rose McGowan Is A Hard Sell

I can’t do it. I’m sorry, but that is not Rose. And the fact that she is trying to sell me on the sexiness of this new person doctors invented. I can’t, I can’t. Here is ...

Pregnant Chicks Rock The Runway For Lingerie Fashion Week

Always Humble, Oscar De La Renta Dies At 82

I Really Like The Way Kate Hudson Is Aging

Let’s be honest, the smartest move Kate Hudson ever made in her career was getting breast implants. Finally she can wear dresses that show her true curves and pop her jawline. Shadows on the body ...

Rose McGowan Still Looks Like A Dixie Chick

Lindsay Lohan Is The New Princess Of Whales