Kim Kardashian

Can We Add To Reality

Adding to my article from yesterday about Kim Kardashian lying — basically stating her daughter is going to earn and work hard for material things, basically eluding to Kim being a strict mother and not ...
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Remember The Good Old Days — Lindsay Lohan Gets Flour ...

I just had to do a flashback to 2008 — when LiLo was a lesbian. Lindsay Lohan’s fake tan turned noticeably paler after an anti-fur activist showered her with flour at a nightclub in Paris. ...

Dan Cortese Became Relevant Again Last Night

Mike Tyson Gets His Own Show

Jay Z Shows A Moment Of Weakness

Taylor Swift Is A Robot

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Always Humble, Oscar De La Renta Dies At 82

Fashion mogul Oscar De La Renta has died, at age 82. A family member confirmed the news of his passing to ABC News last night, but did not divulge the exact cause of his death. ...

You Need To Follow Roberto Cavalli

LA Fashion Week Staring Lilly Ghalichi

I Really Like The Way Kate Hudson Is Aging

Let’s be honest, the smartest move Kate Hudson ever made in her career was getting breast implants. Finally she can wear dresses that show her true curves and pop her jawline. Shadows on the body ...

Rose McGowan Still Looks Like A Dixie Chick

Lindsay Lohan Is The New Princess Of Whales